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Saturday, February 09, 2002
What happened today? Well, nothing much. Ordinary stuff. Like this.

Went to the store, worked at the store, did some forced homework...

Ate dinner while watching 'Man in the Iron Mask' (Love it! So much history!), and my mom yelled at me for continuing to watch when I had long since finished my dessert.

Played piano painfully. I don't know why I sometimes love to.

Went to piano lessons. I fell in and out of this universe. Got some good ideas for a book that I will hopefully start before I forget.

And then the end. The highlight of every week. Now. Computer. Internet. Websites. This.

Friday, February 08, 2002
It's been a busy day today. We actually had half a day off from school, which is definatly GOOD. I would not be able to sit through another math class where Connelly blabs about grade 9 algerbra. *shivers*

I came home to an empty house this afternoon. Apparently my mom was still at work in that little photo shop that we have, and wasn't going to be back till later this evening. I had pre-made plans with some of my buddies, so Amy (best friend and semi-neibour) offered me a ride to Vala's house with her, being that I obviously couldn't drive and that my mom isn't home. I took the offer. Duh, who would want to walk in the winter for 20 minutes, when you can just snag a free ride?

Worked lots on my Kenyako shrine today, f.o.r.e.v.e.r, but it is still down for mantainace. As previous visitors know, I am giving it a new layout. Scoot over there for a peek. I'm shooting for a re-opening date of March 10th. Wish me luck.


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